Tomodomo revela la edición especial del volumen #8 de «Pájaro que trina no vuela» en español

Tomodomo reveals details about special edition of «Bird that Sings But Doesn’t Fly» #8

Tomodomo has opened preorders for volume 8 of the manga Bird that Sings But Doesn’t Fly, which will be released on June 24th. It is available in a regular edition and a special edition. The special edition includes not only the volume but also two acrylic stands. The price of the regular edition is 9 euros, while the special edition is priced at 16 euros. Those who purchase either of these editions through the publisher’s online store will also receive a bookmark as a gift.

Tomodomo began publishing this BL manga «Bird that Sings But Doesn’t Fly» in December 2016 in a softcover edition with a dust jacket in B6 format (250×177). The eighth and latest volume released so far came out in December 2022.

Kou Yoneda writes and illustrates this BL manga originally titled Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai. Originally serialized in the magazine ihr HertZ by Taiyo Tosho since 2011, the series comprises 9 compiled volumes in the Japanese market and is being edited in Spain by Tomodomo Editions. The first 7 volumes of the series have already been published and translated into Spanish.

The series has also inspired a trilogy of movie adaptations. The first film premiered in Japan in February 2020 and was released in Spain in September 2022 under the title Bird that Sings But Doesn’t Fly: Merging Clouds by Jonu Media. If you are interested in our opinion, you can find the review at this link. Furthermore, the distributor has the OVA Bird that Sings But Doesn’t Fly: Don’t Stay Gold.

Chikara Dōmeki, a former police officer just released from prison, starts working as a bodyguard for Yashiro, a yakuza boss who is lecherous, insatiable, and masochistic, but also highly skilled at making money. Yashiro has a rule not to engage in relationships with his subordinates, but for some reason, he is very attracted to Dōmeki. However, Dōmeki remains impassive towards his aggressive advances. At the same time, he shows blind loyalty towards Yashiro, which only serves to further pique his boss’s interest in him.

This is the story of the relationship between two men plagued by the pain of their wounds in the world of Japanese mafia intrigues and betrayals. Yashiro, a tormented soul seeking refuge in power, and Dōmeki, his faithful subordinate whose honest adoration for him borders on devotion.

Source: Tomodomo Editions

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